Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tin Pals from dollar bin at Target

Got the idea from a blog and I can't find the site...but anyway...

Items needed:

* 4-5 Tin Pals (Target)
* Wooden Lazy Suzanne (Wal-Mart)
* Gorilla Super Glue (my bestfriend)
* Pencil
* Pal Accessories

Very simple project:  Let's Get to Crafting

This has become a handy little item in my household.  My kids love using this during crafting time.  I guess they like the spinning motion.

Step 1:  Decision Time

Before doing anything decide where and how you want your pals arranged on your lazy suzanne.

just used three here for sample

Step 2:  Trace

With a pencil trace around the bottom of each pal, making a circle for placement.  You may have to remove some so your hand can fit.  After you have drawn all of your placement circles.  Remove tin pals.  Get your Gorilla Super Glue (1 by 1) and trace around each circle.  Then place your tin pal on top of the glue. 

This is a super super fast drying glue.  Try not to get it on your fingers.  I don't want you stuck to your lazy suzanne :) 

Okay, do this for all of them ... Once they are dry place your accessories in the pals....PENCILS, MARKERS, GLUE, RULER, CRAYONS, ETC.  It's totally up to you!!!!

Good luck....



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