Friday, February 18, 2011

Family Silhouettes

Over the past weeks I have eyed, Silhouettes.  How are they made?  I thought it was going to be this long drawn out process and too hard for me to complete.  Did my research and came up with the solution.  And it wasn't so bad!  Got a book from the library "The Complete Book of Papercrafts."  It discussed how to make silhouettes.  I took a little of their information and combined it with my own.  This book has so many crafts to do.  It's overwhelming.

Anyway, items needed for this project are:

*Tracing Paper                                            *Camera
*Pencil                                                        *Bright Sunlight
*Black Cardstock Paper                             *Computer/Printer                             
*White Cardstock Paper
*8X10 frame(s)
*Double Sided Tape
*Craft Knife

Step 1:  Photo
Gather everyone up who will be apart of your silhouette collection.  Bright sunlight must be present for this too work.  Pose the individual with the bright light behind them or front.  This will give a dark shape.  FYI:  We took ours in the front doorway.

Step 2:  Copying
Print photo using your computer printer.  There's your image. 

Step 3:  Trace and Cut
Trace the photo with tracing paper, using a pencil.  Once you are done tracing it's time for cutting.  Cut out your image from the tracing paper.  I used a crafting knife so I could be precise with the edges.

Step 4:  Trace/Cut
Yes, trace again.  This time you will be tracing onto your black cardstock paper.  Cut the image out using a crafting knife.  I know it seems as though we are repeating steps but you will come out with your silhouette.

Once you are done with this step.  You need to grab your frame and measure your paper, (white cardstock paper - used for a background), against the paper in the frame (8X10).  Cut away until you have the correct size to fit your image in there.

Please use doublesided tape to place your silhouette photo onto backing paper (white cardstock).  Put it in a frame and you are done.

You are done! 

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