Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sewing a Damask Hand bag

I have not blogged in weeks...I have been busy creating and doing other things. I haven't learned how to set up a Tag Cloud so I have to show you this way.  I have incorporated sewing on a daily basis.  Sewing children clothes and items for myself.  I wanted to show you this bag I made using black and white Damask Fabric with black and white polk-a-dot lining.  It was a little tidous but I hung in there and completed it...Turned out cute, I think.. I decided to leave off the front pocket and personalize it with turquoise embroidery thread....

I can use this tote/bag while going to the beach or use it as a is large enough to hold a lot of items...


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Army Wife Subway Art

Okay, I must admit this is my first attempt to making "Subway Art."  It was a little tedious. I purchased the Design Studio Software for the Cricut Expression and it pretty much took me all day to figure out the program.

I think the project could have been a lot easier using vinyl.  Anyway,  I came up with this.

Items used:

Cricut Machine                         ACU Fabric for YoYo
Design Studio Software            YoYo Maker
Mod Podge                              Accent Button
Wooden Board                         Flower Embellishment
Black Acrylric Paint
ACU and Black Scrapbook Paper 
And most of all "TIME" 

Tin Pals from dollar bin at Target

Got the idea from a blog and I can't find the site...but anyway...

Items needed:

* 4-5 Tin Pals (Target)
* Wooden Lazy Suzanne (Wal-Mart)
* Gorilla Super Glue (my bestfriend)
* Pencil
* Pal Accessories

Very simple project:  Let's Get to Crafting

This has become a handy little item in my household.  My kids love using this during crafting time.  I guess they like the spinning motion.

Step 1:  Decision Time

Before doing anything decide where and how you want your pals arranged on your lazy suzanne.

just used three here for sample

Step 2:  Trace

With a pencil trace around the bottom of each pal, making a circle for placement.  You may have to remove some so your hand can fit.  After you have drawn all of your placement circles.  Remove tin pals.  Get your Gorilla Super Glue (1 by 1) and trace around each circle.  Then place your tin pal on top of the glue. 

This is a super super fast drying glue.  Try not to get it on your fingers.  I don't want you stuck to your lazy suzanne :) 

Okay, do this for all of them ... Once they are dry place your accessories in the pals....PENCILS, MARKERS, GLUE, RULER, CRAYONS, ETC.  It's totally up to you!!!!

Good luck....



Friday, February 18, 2011

Family Silhouettes

Over the past weeks I have eyed, Silhouettes.  How are they made?  I thought it was going to be this long drawn out process and too hard for me to complete.  Did my research and came up with the solution.  And it wasn't so bad!  Got a book from the library "The Complete Book of Papercrafts."  It discussed how to make silhouettes.  I took a little of their information and combined it with my own.  This book has so many crafts to do.  It's overwhelming.

Anyway, items needed for this project are:

*Tracing Paper                                            *Camera
*Pencil                                                        *Bright Sunlight
*Black Cardstock Paper                             *Computer/Printer                             
*White Cardstock Paper
*8X10 frame(s)
*Double Sided Tape
*Craft Knife

Step 1:  Photo
Gather everyone up who will be apart of your silhouette collection.  Bright sunlight must be present for this too work.  Pose the individual with the bright light behind them or front.  This will give a dark shape.  FYI:  We took ours in the front doorway.

Step 2:  Copying
Print photo using your computer printer.  There's your image. 

Step 3:  Trace and Cut
Trace the photo with tracing paper, using a pencil.  Once you are done tracing it's time for cutting.  Cut out your image from the tracing paper.  I used a crafting knife so I could be precise with the edges.

Step 4:  Trace/Cut
Yes, trace again.  This time you will be tracing onto your black cardstock paper.  Cut the image out using a crafting knife.  I know it seems as though we are repeating steps but you will come out with your silhouette.

Once you are done with this step.  You need to grab your frame and measure your paper, (white cardstock paper - used for a background), against the paper in the frame (8X10).  Cut away until you have the correct size to fit your image in there.

Please use doublesided tape to place your silhouette photo onto backing paper (white cardstock).  Put it in a frame and you are done.

You are done! 

Placemats into a nice "Luxury Throw Pillow"

Purchase 2 or more placemats, embroidery thread, buttons, sewing machine, and poly fiber
for this project.

A little bargin shopping turns into a neat crafting experience.  Made a visit to Pier 1 and found these nice
embroidered placemats for under a buck (.98).  I was thinking to myself what I am going to do with these.  My first thought was to make a table runner, that didn't work...  So, I googled a bit and found nothing to my liking.  The only thing out there was making your  own placemats or turning placemats into a purse.  Didn't want to do that.  A bright light came on and I said "let's try making a throw pillow."

I will only give written instructions and pointers for this project.

Let's get to crafting:

Place two placemats together (right sides facing each other). 

Pin together, leaving about 4" opening for stuffing your pillow.  Go to your sewing machine and let's put it to use.  I used a seam allowance of 3/8.  Remember to leave an opening.  After sewing trim excess fabric so it will not be bunched after turning.  Place handfuls of poly fiber into pillow.  Stuff to your liking.  Hand sew opening closed with matching thread.

If you are super creative.  You can design the front of the pillow using buttons, yoyos, hand embroidery, etc.  I had fun with this project.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine Mason Jar

Fill mine with SWEETS!!  5 fast and easy steps to create a last minute gift for teachers.  Let's see I stumbled on this crafting blog,  There were some neat ideas for Valentine's and this particular one caught my eye.

Items Needed:

*Mason jar (set of 4 half pint jars - $4.50 Wal-Mart)            *Double sided tape
*Valentine fabric                                                                   *Hot glue gun  
*Ribbon                                                                                *Scissors  
*Polyester fiber filling                                                             *Sweets (Candy)

Ready, let's get to CRAFTING

Step 1: Parts

Unscrew top of jar.  You will have a total of 3 parts (lid, inside lid, and base of the jar). 

1st we need to trace the large lid (making a circle).  By tracing the lid this will give you the size of fabric needed for the inside lid.  You want to have a little more fabric to cover the sides of the inside lid.

Step 2:  Glue Gun

Have your glue gun handy.  You will glue the side lightly to adhere fabric.  Please leave about a 2" inche opening between the fabric and lid.

Step 3:  Poly Fiber Filling

Grab a handful of filling.  It can be less if you like.  You can be the judge of how plump you want the top of the lid.  Stuff filling inside and hot glue the opening closed.

Step 4: Trim

Now, it is time to trim excess fabric from underneath lid.  **Note: Be sure you do this step last because if it is too soon you will not have enough fabric to cover the lid after adding filling.**
Place small lid into the large lid.

Add Sweets:  Your choice of sweets to be placed inside of jar.  I used the Valentine M and M's from Wal-Mart.

Step 5:  Embellishments

Add your embellishments.  I used red sheer ribbon to accent fabric.  This when I used double sided tape.  Tear small pieces to place around lid to hold the ribbon in place.  Tie into bow.

WALLA!  You are done....

Hope you understood this tutorial and good luck with creating this project.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Welcome to my Blogspot!

I am a crafter at heart and I love making new things that don't cost me a fortune.  I am so amazed at how much retail stores charge for items on their shelf.  Yes, they are neat and everyone don't have the crafting ability to make the things seen in stores.  But here I am excited about creating those things :)  Well, I hope you enjoy this blog.  Please visit my Esty shop to see some on the items I create and sell.  Chow!

Lil Southern Crafter