Friday, February 18, 2011

Placemats into a nice "Luxury Throw Pillow"

Purchase 2 or more placemats, embroidery thread, buttons, sewing machine, and poly fiber
for this project.

A little bargin shopping turns into a neat crafting experience.  Made a visit to Pier 1 and found these nice
embroidered placemats for under a buck (.98).  I was thinking to myself what I am going to do with these.  My first thought was to make a table runner, that didn't work...  So, I googled a bit and found nothing to my liking.  The only thing out there was making your  own placemats or turning placemats into a purse.  Didn't want to do that.  A bright light came on and I said "let's try making a throw pillow."

I will only give written instructions and pointers for this project.

Let's get to crafting:

Place two placemats together (right sides facing each other). 

Pin together, leaving about 4" opening for stuffing your pillow.  Go to your sewing machine and let's put it to use.  I used a seam allowance of 3/8.  Remember to leave an opening.  After sewing trim excess fabric so it will not be bunched after turning.  Place handfuls of poly fiber into pillow.  Stuff to your liking.  Hand sew opening closed with matching thread.

If you are super creative.  You can design the front of the pillow using buttons, yoyos, hand embroidery, etc.  I had fun with this project.


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