Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine Mason Jar

Fill mine with SWEETS!!  5 fast and easy steps to create a last minute gift for teachers.  Let's see I stumbled on this crafting blog,  There were some neat ideas for Valentine's and this particular one caught my eye.

Items Needed:

*Mason jar (set of 4 half pint jars - $4.50 Wal-Mart)            *Double sided tape
*Valentine fabric                                                                   *Hot glue gun  
*Ribbon                                                                                *Scissors  
*Polyester fiber filling                                                             *Sweets (Candy)

Ready, let's get to CRAFTING

Step 1: Parts

Unscrew top of jar.  You will have a total of 3 parts (lid, inside lid, and base of the jar). 

1st we need to trace the large lid (making a circle).  By tracing the lid this will give you the size of fabric needed for the inside lid.  You want to have a little more fabric to cover the sides of the inside lid.

Step 2:  Glue Gun

Have your glue gun handy.  You will glue the side lightly to adhere fabric.  Please leave about a 2" inche opening between the fabric and lid.

Step 3:  Poly Fiber Filling

Grab a handful of filling.  It can be less if you like.  You can be the judge of how plump you want the top of the lid.  Stuff filling inside and hot glue the opening closed.

Step 4: Trim

Now, it is time to trim excess fabric from underneath lid.  **Note: Be sure you do this step last because if it is too soon you will not have enough fabric to cover the lid after adding filling.**
Place small lid into the large lid.

Add Sweets:  Your choice of sweets to be placed inside of jar.  I used the Valentine M and M's from Wal-Mart.

Step 5:  Embellishments

Add your embellishments.  I used red sheer ribbon to accent fabric.  This when I used double sided tape.  Tear small pieces to place around lid to hold the ribbon in place.  Tie into bow.

WALLA!  You are done....

Hope you understood this tutorial and good luck with creating this project.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


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